GooFish Blue Slow Pitch PE 3-6
  • GooFish Blue Slow Pitch PE 3-6

    Why Choose Solid Blank Not Hollow Ones?


    Blank is made of SOLID nano tech, so that the rod diameter is with a thinner than a hollow rod, hollow blanks are thinner because it is made in a rolling process. And solid blank also can be very soft or stiff as per our exact requirement.


    Most of solid rod is made of nano & high-ton toray carbon fiber, so usually solid rod is more lighter than hollow rod. You don't get tired when you fish for a long time as the blank creat the action efortless 



    Solid Blank is more sensitivity than hollow ones, due to its thin diameter, Goo Fish Rods have great  conductivity the rod tip is highly sensitivity and stronger than hollow, Nano Carbon Fiber are super strong and resistant, the rods are made to last and will give you grat confidantes, with very little to non chance of braking. 


    Goofish designed these reods action as for outstanding pitch movment persice control and design with high exact blank taper and material composition ratio. 


    Fish control:

    The soft tip of the solid rod has a strong impact on the neutral fish. In addition, the solid rod tip can be very violent, because the force to a certain extent, the force point to the hollow part, and the hollow part is very thick and thick, of course, this requires skills and the angle of the rod to master.

    More features and advantages, you can experience them in person, because there are a little too many, I'm sorry not to be able to fully introduce you. 

    The advantages of a slow Pitch Jigging Rod

    • Target fish species are more abundant (from upper to bottom).
    • No matter whether the activity of fish is high or low, the slow jigging fishing method can attract fish.
    • The most important thing is that slow fishing can help you catch more fish.



    • Blue Rod Pecs

      Braid PE Size: 3-6

      Section : 1 (one peace blank)

      Jig Range: 150-400gm

      Rond Lengeth: 1.95

      Max Brake Test: 18KG

      Weghit Bait Casting Model: 215gm

      Weghit Spining Model: 205gm

      Tip Diameter: 2.4mm

      But Diamter : 10.4mm

      Number of guiuds Casting: 9+1

      Number of guiuds Spining: 7+1

    829.00 ₪מחיר