Hearty Rise Slow Deep
  • Hearty Rise Slow Deep

    Its special fillister design allows it to keep high stability, prevent from over-swinging and let it capable to moving horizontally. Besides, it has more buoyancy than other by retaining more beads. Although SLOW DEEP is designed in short shape, it achieves the mobility and swaying ways as long-shaped jigs does. When under swift turning, irregular moving and sinking status, it still keeps its well-executed swimming pose. And it can switch slow-motion to quick-motion without any run-up even if with one eighth circle slightly withdrawing. The swift-changed motion works perfectly on deep-water fish, the migratory or benthos. Especially for those hard to conquer with normal jigs! By slightly oscillate the tip with the rod rising, you can change the direction easily and switch into slow-motion by ease up a little. It allows you to search one by one in the target level which makes wariness prey strike and be hooked on. 


    • Specs

      規格 / 重量
      140g 9.7cm WTL、BUL、BKL、PKL、GNL
      170g 10.2cm WTL、BUL、BKL、PKL、GNL
      210g 11.3cm WTL、BUL、BKL、PKL、GNL
      250g 11.6cm WTL、BUL、BKL、PKL、GNL
      290g 12.2cm WTL、BUL、BKL、PKL、GNL
      340g 13.0cm WTL、BUL、BKL、PKL、GNL
      450g 14.3cm WTL、BUL、BKL、PKL、GNL
      500g 14.8cm WTL、BUL、BKL、PKL、GNL
    6.19 ₪מחיר